You should choose your contractor based on reputation and quality of the finished project and not by the lowest cost.

 Natural and synthetic stone projects require a high amount of skill and specialized machinery. The stone is timeless so the installation should last many years. The cost of the project should be a consideration but not at the expense of durability and longevity.
 Your stone should be chosen carefully and with consideration for beauty and functionality.

Some less expensive, less colorful stones are very durable while some expensive stones can be less durable. Natural Quartz tends to be expensive and is very durable. Synthetic quartz is less expensive and also very durable.

 Your fabricator/ installer should also be chosen carefully. The stone they will offer, the materials they will use during fabrication, as well as the installation method and quality will affect the longevity of the project. You will normally get what you pay for. Less expensive fabricators will hire less expensive workers and therefore they will have less experience. They will use less expensive materials, adhesives and tooling and this will definitely affect the quality of the installation.

 Your fabricator should not be able to “start tomorrow”. Any fabricator that is of high quality will not be available for at least a minimum of days and usually weeks. They should have current projects that you can visit or call to inquire about their ability and service. Their current projects should be their priority. Once an installation begins that project must be the highest priority and all other projects must wait. Granite and synthetic stone can be easily damaged during transportation and installation and therefore we value security over speed. If there is an issue on a current project all other projects must be on hold until the issue is resolved. We ask that our customers understand and value this commitment.

 Your fabricator should have a satisfied customer base as well as suppliers that will recommend their services. You should ask to see current projects or to talk with recent customers. We are an “open shop” and we invite you to visit during fabrication and to talk with current clients. You should not rely on photographs or a sales pitch when you choose your contractor. We rely solely on our reputation, repeat clients and customer referral base for our current and future projects. Our reputation is our best advertisement.

 Your contractor should be licensed and bonded. They should have a place of business and should not be performing the fabrication on your premises unless it is an unusual circumstance. When the project starts you should be comfortable with all the information and your fabricator should be able to explain and answer any questions you have.

Problems can and do often arise. Our experience and ability allow us to deal with any issues and we have never faced an issue we couldn't’t solve.

 Your contractor should be able to guide you through the entire process and will tell you what the steps are and when to start. They should also have access to other qualified contractors to help with any issues or other projects. We have an extensive network of very well qualified contractors and we work with them frequently.

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