Why we only purchase Premium stones from reputable stone suppliers and why you should not purchase your own stone without first contacting your fabricator:

 Natural stones can originate in many places around the world with the majority being from Brazil. They are quarried in large blocks and then purchased by suppliers. The supplier then sends it off to be processed by their choice of processor.
 Natural stone is processed in many different countries by different processors, again, with the majority being from Brazil. The quality of the processing is very important to us as a fabricator.

 The best possible processing takes place in Italy using time tested and very meticulous methods. Therefore Italian stone is slightly more expensive than others. Some stones are only processed in Italy because of the rarity of the stone and the difficulty in processing. Only select yards will have Italian processed stone. We have very good, long standing relationships with the yards we work with therefore our Italian quality stone is often very close to the same price as Brazilian stone.

 Brazil is number two in quality but number one in exports. Stone processed in Brazil can be of high quality and reasonably priced so it sometimes is the best option. Most reputable yards will have Brazilian processed stone. For the consumer, these stones will be more than adequate and there will be a large selection.

 China is a large processor of stone. Chinese stone is not a material we will fabricate. The consumer must be aware that most stones processed in China will not be labeled as Chinese. They will be labeled with the country of origin or there will be no label at all. These stones are of inferior quality, calibration and finish and they are not factory sealed. They are therefore less expensive than Italian or Brazilian stones. If a fabricator is using Chinese processed materials they will inform you that you must seal the material every three to five years. This is so they are not responsible for staining on finish quality.

 If you receive a bid for your project that is suspiciously lower than other bids the contractor may be using Chinese stone and inferior fabrication materials. This will result in a lower project price but your installation will not last as long as it should. Our reputation, and our customer referral base is our best evidence of the quality of our stones, materials and craftsmanship.

Please note: We will not fabricate customer purchased material because it often creates issues beyond our control. The stone must be delivered to our facility or we must transport the material. We must inspect all stones before transport and we often reject stones that have cracks, fissures and other issues that will affect the quality of our installation and delay or schedule. Please inquire before you purchase any materials.

 Our bid will reflect our commitment to using only the best possible stones, fabrication materials and craftsmanship.

The stone will have some variation in color, shade and pattern based on the time at which it was quarried, where it was processed and the time frame between shipments. During the polishing process, an epoxy resin is applied to the surface of the slabs to fill in any natural pits, cracks or fissures that may exist in the stone. This effectively seals the stone, eliminates the need to re-seal the material and enhances the beauty of the slab. Some of the pits and fissures may still be visible after the  resin is applied and polished. However, this will not detract from the overall quality or performance of the stone.

There are a few materials available that are extremely difficult and time consuming to fabricate. These materials will result in added costs up to $10.00 per sq.Ft. To fabricate and additional time. Please inquire! You must be aware of this possibilty with the following materials: Cosmos, pictor, meteoris, sedna or any material with a high concentration of silver, metallic, mica and or a heavily grained pattern. Our experience allows us to work with these materials and we will explain any issues and maintenance requirements. These materials can require double the fabrication time because of their composition. Please allow for this additional time.

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