Natural stone / Granite 

Homeowners who are seeking to increase the value of their homes will enjoy the durability and easy maintenance when upgrading to granite, synthetic quartz or natural quartz countertops. The hardness of the surface is excellent for handling typical kitchen uses. While durable and of low maintenance they are not impervious to damage. 

Properly installed countertops should last a lifetime. This is one justification for the higher costs associated with the best materials, fabrication and installation. Proper care and maintenance will ensure the longevity and beauty expected from these products. 

In addition to the polished finish, it's possible to get a “honed” or flat finish. Although a honed finish can be very attractive, it is not recommended on a granite material for typical kitchen use. Over time, everyday use will tend to lend a polish to some areas, and the additional necessary sealers will distract from the beauty of the surface. A polished finish is easiest to maintain in a granite material with regular care that includes proper cleaning and the use of factory sealers to prevent staining. Synthetic or natural quartz which does not require a sealer can have a honed finish with no issues.

Care and maintenance for a polished finish begins with daily attention to what is placed or moved about on the surface. Stone countertops are typically hard with a very durable surface. However, it is not recommended to use the granite as a cutting surface, always use a cutting board. Avoid allowing acidic foods such as lemon juice and vinegar to be left on the surface for any amount of time, as they can etch into the sealed surface. Other items that can damage or remove the factory sealer are harsh cleaning products or abrasive cleansers (liquid or powder). To clean the surface without leaving streaks, use only a small amount of warm water with simple dishwashing liquid or spray cleaner such as windex. 

Although granite is extremely hard, some of the minerals in it may be very soft. The existence of different minerals is what gives the material it’s beauty but also makes the granite easy to scratch, be chipped or break along the grain. In order to protect the surface, it is recommended to avoid dragging pots, pans or appliances across the stone. Moving something across the countertop that has even a grain of sand or other debris under it can scratch the polished surface. 

Our Stones are all factory sealed and require no further sealing. Avoid using stone sealers or “granite” cleaners as they can create a cloudy surface that will have to be removed by cleaning the entire countertop with harsher materials. Do not use harsh solvents or abrasives.

If a pot or pan leaves a grey or black mark on the surface, it can be polished out using fine steel wool. If a glue-like substance is stuck on the countertop, it can be removed with a single sided razor blade. Small marks made during the removal can be polished out with a fine steel wool. If the granite is chipped or cracked, a professional should be called in to perform repairs. 

In addition to its strength, granite is a very beautiful stone that adds color and warmth to any kitchen.  

With just a little care to protect their beauty and utility, granite countertops will last a lifetime. 

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