We cannot use top mount sinks as an under mount installation. We do not drill holes in sinks. This has caused warranty issues and damages our tooling.

Sink cut outs will be as consistent as possible. Most sinks do not have a template therefore we must create one. All the different types of sinks may have irregularities. We must make our cutout as consistent and straight to the eye as possible. Please note that some sink reveals will not be consistent due to variations in the sink itself.

Kitchen, Laundry and Bar Sinks:

Typically we will cut the solid surface material back approximately 1/8” to ¼” from the top radius of the sink. This insures a solid caulking line and hides any imperfections in the sink profile. All sinks may be out of square, out of round and not consistent along the straight edges. Our cut and polish can also be affected by the irregularities in the stone. Our experience allows us to address these issues and create the best possible cutout.

We do not recommend flush cuts or overhangs at the sink to countertop transition. Flush cuts are difficult to caulk correctly and overhangs can create a cleaning issue.

Vanity Sinks:

Vanity sinks can be notoriously inconsistent because they are typically clay cast from a mold and then fired in a kiln. This can cause shrinking and distortions. The glazing often does not cover the top edge so that caulking can adhere. Because of these irregularities they will rarely have a template.

We must have ½” minimum overhang to hide any potential issues.

Sink Edge Details:

Sink edges will have a ¼” (+or- 1/16”) bevel. We do not round over the edge because it will chip easier with use.

Custom sink edge profiles are available at an additional charge. Please inquire.


All sinks that are required for the project must be inspected and approved and at our facility for layout and before fabrication can begin. All fixtures must be in our possession or on site before we can begin installation. If we are completing the finish plumbing for you we will inform you of any issues and address them accordingly. After we connect and test the faucets and the drain lines the angle stops will be turned off so any required caulking can cure. The customer may turn them on after 24 hours. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the areas under the sinks.


We can only be responsible for the finish plumbing portion. We are not responsible for existing in wall and rough plumbing. Any fixtures ordered or purchased by the customer must be inspected and approved by the customer before installation. Older or contractor style angle stops (hot and cold valves under the sinks) which have an integrated corrugated feed line (typically a chrome, accordion style feed line) must be replaced. We will not connect these types of angle stops. PLEASE INQUIRE.

Back Splash:

Back splashes will have an eased edge of between 1/8” and 3/16” depending on the material and the edge location.

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