Your project is unique to you. Every project is a little different, but we have established a list of steps to help with the project flow.

1st: Understand your project and the scope.
You don’t need to know everything about materials or what we will need to do, you just need to know everything you want to achieve. We will help you select materials and processes to deliver what you want.

2nd: Look for referrals to contractors and ask for references.
Understand your project and collect a few bids for the project. Every contractor is different and will have different skills and abilities. The bids should be clear and concise and should contain all the required information. Be wary of low information and low prices. We are a one stop shop and we perform all the work required from start to finish. Our bid will be honest, accurate and will list all the items required to complete the project. Initially, the bid may have a range of costs until you select actual materials and the project scope.

3rd: Choose your desired materials and scope. Then choose your contractor.
Before you pay for any service you must secure a final bid and a contract that mirrors the final bid. You should be clear about any extra charges or potential change orders. Be wary of progress payments unless they are spelled out clearly and there is at least a substantial final amount due. We usually require a 50% payment before we can pick up the material or begin fabrication and then the final 50% is due when we have completed the project and you are satisfied.

4th: Let your contractor guide you through the process.

This is the typical order that we will need you to follow.


  • Demolition of existing material  
If demolition is required, we handle that for you. You must remove all the objects on the counters and all items under the counters, under the sinks, in drawers and cupboards. Please do not put anything back until instructed to do so. Also, please do not put any items under the sinks for at least two weeks so that leaks can be detected.
Please do not throw away any of the old sinks, faucets, disposer or plumbing pieces. We need some of the items for the install. We will dispose of them when we are completed.

Please note: There will be dust and debris! Demolition is a very rough process. Your existing countertops were not designed to be removed easily. We must literally break the existing material into smaller pieces to remove it. This results in broken tile, jagged mesh and crumbled float material. We will remove the existing material in a professional and expedited manner to minimize the experience. Please do not enter the work area while this process is ongoing. Please do not attempt to clean the area. We will do this for you. We highly recommend delaying any cleaning in the area for at least a few days so that all debris has settled.

  • Select your material  
We will help you select and inform you of the particulars. The size of the stone, the thickness of the stone and placement of seams if required. We will then generate a contract and we will purchase your materials and deliver them to our facility.

  • Select your sink  
We will help you select and inform you of the particulars. You may purchase from us or purchase yourself but you must check with us first so we can check compatibility. If you purchase a sink you must inspect it thoroughly at the time you purchase it. We usually do not template and cannot begin fabrication until we have the sink at our facility and we inspect and approve it. You can have it sent to your address and then bring it to us, or sent directly to us or we can pick it up from the retailer.
We recommend that we purchase your sink. We purchase direct from the manufacturers and we receive first quality products and a great price. Online retailers often sell second quality products and delays and damage issues can arise.

  • Select a date for templating  
We will need the counters cleared and typically, all new appliances on site. All cabinetry must be final installed. We request you be on site for templating so designs, edges and corners can be discussed. Your material must be inspected and approved by you at our facility before we will start the fabrication.

  • Select your edge profile and design  
We will help you select and inform you of the particulars. Some materials cannot have some edges and some shapes can enhance the overall installation.
  • Edge Selection:
Depending on your material selection some edge profiles may not be possible. Natural materials have fissures and veining as well as varying hardness and softness. We will always try to accomplish your first edge choice to the best of our abilities. However, we do ask that you look through our edge profiles so that a second choice is available in case the first edge choice becomes an issue.  We are very familiar with most of the popular material choices and we will do our best to address any issues before they take occur.
  • Edge Details
The edge profile or detail will be as consistent as possible. Some materials will not accept some edges. We will work with you on the edge detail to determine the best option. Please inquire when choosing your material and have a first and second edge choice available. We may have to alter the profile slightly to remove or diminish chips and flaking.
Unless otherwise noted, all edge details will have a bottom bevel to prevent chipping.

  • Fabrication  
Fabrication will usually take about 3-5 days per slab. We will try to keep you informed and you are welcome to inquire about progress. We encourage you to come by and watch and to document your fabrication.

Please note: Issues can arise. Stone is very fragile until it is installed. Breaks can occur and this completely stops our fabrication process and all projects come to a halt while we address the issue. A fabrication in process takes up a lot of floor space and may require additional slabs and therefore additional time and substantial costs on our part. So we must ask you to be patient and understand our cautious approach. We cannot work to a strict schedule on any project and we will decline to do so under normal circumstances. There are exceptions under certain circumstances.

  • Select your faucet  
We will need the faucet and all other utilities on site on the day of the counter top installation. We will not cut or drill holes unless the appliance is on site. If you purchase your faucet you must inspect it thoroughly prior to the installation date.

  • Select your installation day  
Typically, just before we complete the fabrication we will notify you and we can discuss the day for installation to start.

  • Select your back splash  
Unless we are using your slab materials for back splash we usually ask you to wait for the countertop installation before you make a final selection on your tile or mosaic back splash. In our opinion, it can be the most relevant part of the project because it can be the first impression when viewing the project. Once the countertops are installed the colors and effect will change the kitchen so it is best to wait and see what colors will actually work the best. Living with the counters and seeing them at varying times of the day will often cause a change in the materials selected.

Typically, if a customer requests a full granite back splash we will suggest you have an open mind because this may require additional slabs of material and a granite back splash is more expensive than a tile or mosaic back splash. In some cases it is a more cost effective option if there is available slab material based on your countertop requirements. We will go over these options once you select your countertop material and we know the sizes.

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